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    Traffic congestion is when vehicles travel at slower speeds because there are more vehicles than the road can handle. This makes trip times longer, and increases queueing. This is also known as a traffic jam. Congestion may result from a decrease in capacity, for example accidents on the road or roads being closed…’



    It seems that nobody likes wasting time in traffic jams. If you entrust us with the task of transporting your vehicle, you will not be stuck in a traffic jam. We know how to transport your vehicle to a destination safely and efficiently…

    Welcome in a non-standard way. We have the honour to inform you that on 01.03.2015 we started a new company known as M.P.TRANS S.C. The company’s activities concern two interconnected fields related to road transport and the purchase and sale of commercial vehicles. Although our business is new, we have extensive experience at our disposal.

    Grzegorz Pytlarczyk, one of the co-owners, has been organizing the transport of vehicles for many years, e.g. he has worked for an Austrian carrier, transporting vehicles to numerous European countries as well as to more distant destinations like Russia or Kazakhstan.

    Wojciech Milej, the other co-owner, has worked for many years for the Europe’s biggest car importers, namely Volvo and Marcedes-Benz. He has dealt with the sale of new and second-hand cars.

    We hope that our considerable experience in the field of road transport will encourage you to cooperate with us. We can guarantee you will get complete satisfaction from our company’s service.

    Currently, we have changed the composition of the Owners.

    Mr. Filip Pytlarczyk became the new partner.

    Mr. Wojciech Milej remains as a person supporting the activities so far.

    M.P. TRANS Grzegorz Pytlarczyk, Filip Pytlarczyk S.C.